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Light Miniature Aircraft LM-1


A three-quarter scale Piper J/3 Cub look-alike by Fred McCallum and Fred Latulip of Opa Locka, Florida. When first shown at Oshkosh in 1983 the all wood design of +5 -4.5G wing was too heavy for the US ultralight category but several years later the construction was altered to aluminium-alloy tube to overcome this problem. Power comes from a 28hp Rotax 277 engine.

All of the Light Miniature Aircraft Manuals, are approximately 200 pages. Each manual has step-by-step instructions, for each section of the plane, as well as figures, drawings and full size templates to guide the builder through the building process. Each manual also comes with a complete set of full size plans for the fuselage and tail feathers as well as full size templates for the wing ribs, landing gear and items such as the wind shield.
The wooden planes are constructed in the same manner.
Plans and manuals are still available for our metal planes, however, due to rising aluminum costs and availability problems, Light Miniature Aircraft no longer supply kits for the air frames of the metal planes. Some partial kits, for items like the controls or landing gear were available.






Engine: Rotax 503
Wing span: 29 6"
Stall: 26 knots
Climb: 40 knots
Cruise: 55-65 knots
VNE: 78 Knots
Range: 200 miles


Scale: 85%.
Engine: Zenoah, 45 hp.
HP range: 45-52.
Speed max: 90 mph.
Cruise: 80 mph.
Range: 200 sm.
Stall: 26 mph.
ROC: 650 fpm.
Take-off dist: 175 ft.
Landing dist: 300 ft.
Fuel cap: 9 USG.
Weight empty: 350 lbs.
Gross: 600 lbs.
Height: 5.9 ft.
Length: 19 ft.
Wing span: 27 ft.
Wing area: 120 sq.ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

Engine: Rotax 503, 45 hp
HP range: 45-52
Top speed: 90 mph
Cruise: 80 mph
Stall: 26 mph
Range: 200 sm
Rate of climb: 650 fpm
Takeoff dist: 175 ft
Landing dist: 300 ft
Fuel capacity: 9 USG
Empty weight: 350 lb
Gross weight: 600 lb
Height: 5.9 ft
Length: 19 ft
Wing span: 27 ft
Wing area: 120 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tailwheel

Scale: ¾.
Empty wt. lbs: 250
Max wt. lbs: 500
Wing span: 30ft
Wing area sq.ft.: 120
Wing loading lbs/sq.ft: 4.17
Power loading lbs/hp: 17.86
Engine: Rotax 277
Max speed: 63 mph
Cruise: 55 mph
Stall: 24 mph
Vne: 85 mph
Seats: 1

Scale: 75%.
Engine: Rotax 447, 40 hp.
HP range: 35-52.
Speed max: 75 mph.
Cruise: 65 mph.
Range: 150 sm.
Stall: 26 mph.
ROC: 550 fpm.
Take-off dist: 100 ft.
Landing dist: 300 ft.
Fuel cap: 5 USG.
Weight empty: 325 lbs.
Gross: 600 lbs.
Height: 5.6 ft.
Length: 17.7 ft.
Wing span: 30 ft.
Wing area: 120 sq.ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

Engine: Rotax 503 SCSI.
Prop: Tennessee 64/34
VNE: 80mph
Cruise: 65/75mph 5000/5500rpm
Stall: 30mph
Climb: 45mph
Approach: 45mph
Steerable tail wheel
Max weight: 600 lb
Empty weight: 335lb
Fuel cap: 37 lt.
Endurance: 2.5hrs with res.
Seats: 1



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