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LGT Aeronautical Stratos


The LGT Stratos is a high performance ultralight developed and constructed by Charles Ligeti. It is a single seat with a swept-back canard joined to the high main wing at the wing tips by split flap rudders. Construction is of composite materials and controls are conventional 3-axis.

A lightplane prototype, although its future remains in doubt following the death of its designer.




The Stratos is an Australian type that first flew in April 1985. The aeroplane was designed to confirm Mr Ligeti's conviction of the aerodynamic and structural advantages inherent in such a hybrid type, which combines the efficiency of the canard configuration, the combined large wing area and small overall span of the tandem-wing configuration, and the strength of the braced biplane configuration. The compact dimensions of the Stratos make it possible for the fully assembled machine to be towed on a trailer. The core of the Stratos is the short but streamlined fuselage, which is an all-composite structure built up of Kevlar and glassfibre skins over shaped rigid foam. The fuselage supports the bicycle main units of the fixed landing gear, which are supplemented by outrigger stabilizers under the tips of the canard foreplanes, as well as the powerplant and flying surfaces. The powerplant comprises a small piston engine driving a pusher propeller enclosed, for improved efficiency, in a circular duct of 25.5-in (0.65-m) internal diameter. The flying surfaces are of the same basic construction as the fuselage, with carbonfibre spars, and comprise straight rear-mounted wings ending in vertical surfaces that stretch down to form the wings' physical and aerodynamic link with the canard foreplanes, which run back from the nose just forward of the cockpit.

Engine: Konig 430 3-cyl.
Prop: 3-6 blade ducted fan 61 cm dia.
Wing span: 5.31 m.
Length: 2.42 m.
Fuel capacity: 22 ltr.
Econ cruise speed: 90 kts.
Stall: 28 kts.
Seats: 1.

Engine: Konig SD 570 four-cylinder air-cooled radial piston, 28-hp (21 -kW)
Seats: 1
Maximum speed 124 mph (200 km/h)
Initial climb rate 670 ft (205 m) per minute
Service ceiling 14,760 ft (4500 m)
Range 447 miles (720 km)
Empty weight: 172 lb (78 kg)
Maximum take-off weight: 414 lb (188 kg)
Wingspan 17 ft 7 in (5.36 m)
Length 8 ft 2 in (2.49 m)
Height 3 ft 3 in (0.99 m)
Wing area 81 sq.ft (7.53 sq.m) including canard foreplanes.




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