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LFG-Roland D.I

The D I was in essence the C II two-seater scaled down as a single-seat fighter. The type was nicknamed Haifisch (shark) for its deep fuselage with the slightly swept upper wing attached directly to it. The D I first flew in July 1916, and was produced in small numbers. The D II began to enter service early in 1917, and was complemented by the D.Ia with a more powerful engine. The D II and D la were not popular in service, pilots complaining about lack of vision and heavy controls.

Engine: Mercedes DIII, 119-kW (160-hp).

Span: 8.94m (29ft 4in)
Length: 6.93m (22ft 9in)
Powerplant: l x Argus As.lll, 134kW (180 hp)
Armament: 2 x 7.92-mm (0.312-in) LMG 08/15 mg.
Max T/O weight: 795 kg (1,753 lb).
Max speed: 112.5 mph.
Operational endurance: 2 hr.

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