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Letov Š.28 / Š.128 / Š.228 / Š.328 / Š.428 / Š.528

A two-seat reconnaissance biplane of 1928, powered by a 235 hp 9-cyl Walter Castor radial engine.
An Letov S-328 multi-role biplane was used for reconnaissance and light bombing, designed in 1932 for a Finnish customer`s demand to fit an strenghtened engine in the airframe of the S-228. The S-328 one was the most numerous in the Czechoslovak Air Force. Range of the recce and observer version was from 700 to 1280 km, service ceiling from 6300 to 7200 m.
The 108th production S-328 was a bomber version powered by a 580 Walter Pegas II M-2 engine. It could carry a bombload of  up to 500 kg, and range of 340 to 1250 km.

An observer of one of seven S-328 biplanes used by the Insurgent Flight during the Slovakian Uprising downed one German recce Focke-Wulf 189 in Sept 1944.
The Š.328V float-version of the S-328 type amounted two machines only, built 1925-1926. These were used for target- tug duties over the Adriatic Sea in the Boka Kotorska Region, where gunnery was practised bby the Czechoslovak artillery. Handling characteristics did not deteriorate by fitting the floats and neither center of gravity nor the fin was in the need of change. 



Š.128, 1931, 450 hp 9-cyl Walter Jupiter VI radial
Š.128SM with 500 hp 9-cyl Gnome-Rhône Mercure VII radial (became Š.228)
Š.228, 1931, as per Š.128SM (demonstrated to Finns with 500 hp 9-cyl P&W Hornet radial)
Š.228E, 1932, four export aircraft for Estonia
Š.328, reconnaissance aircraft, 1932, 730 hp Walter Pegasus III-M2
Š.328F, engine change prototype, 740 hp V-12 Avia Vr-36
Š.328FM, armaments change (Skoda vz. 30)
Š.328V, twin-float seaplane (Short Bros. floats)
Š.328W (S-328-2), as per Š.328F, 630 hp V-12 Avia Vr-36
Š.328N (Nachtjäger) Luftwaffe conversions for Störkampfstaffeln
Š.428, 1933, S-238W ground attack variant, 650 hp V-12 Avia Vr-36
Š.528, 1934, 800 hp 14-cyl Walter K14 (Gnome-Rhône Mistral Major 14 Krsd)


Wingspan 13.71 m
Length 10.36
Empty weight 1680 kg
Top speed 380 kph
Climb to 5000m: 17 min





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