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Letov Š.14


Built in parallel with the Š 13 and employing a similar Skoda HS 8Fb engine, the Š 14 single-seat single-bay biplane fighter employed a more conventional wing profile. Of mixed construction, with wooden wings and metal fuselage, the Š 14 was discontinued in favour of the Š 20, the prototype being rebuilt as a cantilever monoplane to participate in the 3rd Speed Contest of 1924, during which it recorded a speed of 153.13 mph (246,44 km/h).

Š 14 (biplane)
Engine: 1 x 295 hp V-8 Skoda 8Fb
Max speed, 148 mph (238 km/h)
Time to 16,405 ft (5000 m), 18.5 min
Range, 308 mls (495 km)
Empty weight, 1,464 lb (664 kg)
Loaded weight, 1,975 lb (896 kg)
Span, 26 ft 6 9/10 in (8,10 m)
Length, 21 ft 1 1/8 in (6,43 m).

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