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Lavochkin La-160 Strelka (Dart)


The Soviets’ first swept-wing aeroplane was the La-160, which was basically the La-154/156 with a lengthened fuselage and swept flying surfaces. Consequently known unofficially as the Strelka (Dart), the La-160 featured 35 degrees of leading-edge sweep on a wing of 9.5% thickness.

When initially flown on 24 June 1947, the La-160 was fitted with an RD-10 turbojet rated at 900kg, with which it could not get airborne fully laden.

After initial handling trials, the La-160 was fitted with an RD-10F which provided an afterburning thrust of 1170kg and with which, after diving and then levelling off, a speed of 1060km/h was allegedly attained at 5700m, this being equivalent to Mach0.92.

The La-160 carried an armament of two 37mm NS-37 cannon, but was utilised primarily as a research vehicle in the development of more advanced fighters and no production was contemplated.

Max take-off weight: 4060 kg / 8951 lb
Empty weight: 2738 kg / 6036 lb
Wingspan: 8.95 m / 29 ft 4 in
Length: 10.07 m / 33 ft 0 in
Wing area: 15.90 sq.m / 171.15 sq ft
Max. speed: 900 km/h / 559 mph






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