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Lavochkin La-11 / La-134


Evolved from the La-9 to meet a requirement for a fighter with sufficient range to fulfil the escort role, the La-11 was destined to be the last piston-engine fighter from the Lavochkin bureau. It had a wing fundamentally similar to that of the La-9 and retained the ASh-82FN engine, but provision was made to attach auxiliary fuel tanks at the wingtips, the ventral oil cooler was incorporated in the engine cowling and armament was reduced to three 23mm NS-23 cannon. The first prototype was flown in June 1947 under the design bureau designation La-134, and production (1947-51) at Gor'kiy was to total 1,182 aircraft.
The La-11 was supplied in some numbers to both the Chinese and the North Korean air forces, and saw operational use during the Korean conflict. It was finally phased out of first line VVS service in the early 1950s.

Engine: Shvetsov Ash-82FNV, 1850 hp
Max take-off weight: 3990 kg / 8796 lb
Empty weight: 2770 kg / 6107 lb
Wingspan: 9.8 m / 32 ft 2 in
Length: 8.7 m / 28 ft 7 in
Max. speed: 674 km/h / 419 mph
Ceiling: 10250 m / 33650 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 2550 km / 1585 miles












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