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Lavochkin La-9 / La-130 / La-138


Closely related to the La-126, the La-130 - first flown on 16 June 1946 - encluded a number of refinements, both aerodynamic and structural, and featured a revised fuel system of increased capacity and a laminar flow symmetrical wing section. It retained the ASh-82FN radial of the preceding fighters, but provision was made for four 23mm NS-23 cannon.
Series production was authorised in November 1946 as the La-9, deliveries to the VVS commencing February 1947 from GAZ 21 at Gor'kiy.
A tandem two-seat training version, the La-9UTI, was flown in July 1947, and series production continued for three years, 1,630 single-seaters and 265 two-seaters being built.




One example, designated La-138, was fitted with two PVRD-430 ramjets of 300kg underwing, factory testing performed during March and April 1947, and increases in level speed of 107 to 112km/h were recorded in level flight. A small batch of aircraft was completed with underwing provision for RD-13 pulsating athodyds, or pulse-jets, as La-9RDs. These boosters were found to have a bad effects on the handling characteristics.

Length; 30 ft 2.25 in
Span: 34 ft 9.75 in
Speed SL: 428 mph
Armament: 4 x 20 mm cannon

Engine: Shvetsov Ash-82FNV, 1825 hp.
Wingspan: 9.8 m (32 ft).
Length: 8.46 m.
Wing area: 17.7 sq.m / 190.52 sq ft
MAUW: 3,675 kg / 8104 lb
Empty weight: 2660 kg / 5864 lb
Fuel cap: 825 lt.
Max. speed: 690 km/h / 429 mph
ROC: 3200 fpm.
Ceiling: 10800 m / 35450 ft
Cruise: 278 kt (515 kph).
Range: 900 nm.
Armament: 4 x 23 mm NS-23S synchronous cannon.

Lavochkin La-9





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