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Lavochkin La-5



In late 1941 it was decided to improve the performace of the LaGG-3 by installing the more powerful 1600 hp Ash-82A radial engine. The basic LaGG-3 airframe was adapted for a 14- cylinder two-row radial Shvetsov M-82 engine without major redesign (examples converted from existing LaGG-3 airframes on the production line sometimes being referred to as LaG-5s). The adaptation of resulted in the La-5.
The prototype conversion was first flown in March 1942 with an M-82 rated at 1700hp for take-off, and the La-5 was cleared for service testing in the following September with an armament of two 20mm cannon. Early machines retained the cockpit and rear fuselage construction of the earlier fighter.
With completion of the conversion of existing LaGG-3 airframes, minor changes were introduced in new production aircraft, the principal of these being the cutting down of the aft fuselage decking and the introduction of a 360 degree vision canopy.
The designed earned Lavochkin the title of Hero of Socialist Labour, and the La-5 made its operational debut at the Battle of Stalingrad in October 1942.
A further development of the La-5AV became the La-7.
Late in 1942, the improved M-82F engine became available, producing 1650hp at 1650m, aircraft fitted with this engine being designated La-5F, and, from early 1943, fuel tankage was revised.
From late March 1943, the fuel injection M-82FN engine offering 1850hp for take-off replaced the carburettor-equipped M-82F, and with this power plant the fighter became the La-5FN. This version fought in the Battle of Kursk, and was produced in fairly substantial numbers.
When the La-5 was withdrawn from production late in 1944, a total of 9,920 aircraft of this type (including La-5UTI two-seat trainers) had been built.


Engine: Shvetsov M-82 14- cylinder two-row radial, 1700hp

Engine: Shvetsov M-82F, 1650hp at 1650m

Engine: Shvetsov M-82FN, 1850hp
Max take-off weight: 3360 kg / 7408 lb
Empty weight: 2800 kg / 6173 lb
Wingspan: 9.8 m / 32 ft 2 in
Length: 8.60 m / 28 ft 3 in
Height: 2.54 m / 8 ft 4 in
Wing area: 17.50 sq.m / 188.37 sq ft
Max. speed: 648 km/h / 403 mph
Ceiling: 11000 m / 36100 ft
Range: 765 km / 475 miles


Engine: Shvetsov ASh-82FN, 1640hp
Wingspan: 9.8 m / 32 ft 2 in
Length: 27 ft 10 in
Height: 9 ft 3 in
Empty weight: 6085 lb
Loaded weight: 7406 lb
Max. speed: 402 mph at SL
Service ceiling: 11000 m / 36, 000 ft
Max range: 528 miles
Seats: 1
Armament: 2 x 20 mm ShVAK cannon

Bombload: 330 lb

Seats: 2






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