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Langhurst JU87-B2 Stuka



Like the original, the Langhurst replica Stuka is a two-place aircraft with a single control from the front seat. The rear seat faces the tail. The replica is completely of metal construction. Basically, it is a com­posite. It has an inner steel-tube frame and an aluminum skin. Because the original rib type was unknown, Langhurst utilized the NACA 2415, which looks very much like the original.
The 7/10 Stuka is actually a full-sized airplane by most homebuilt standards. It has a full electrical system, full hydraulic system and complete fuel manage­ment system. The landing gear and tailwheel units are standard from a PT-19.
Registered N87LL, the Stuka first flew on 19 July 1978.
The aircraft is now on loan to the San Diego Aerospace Museum.
Engine: 220-hp LycomingGO-435
Wingspan: 32’6”
Length: 24'0"
MTOW: 2275 lb
Empty weight: 1680 lb
Top speed: 137 mph
Cruise: 120 mph
Stall: 62 mph
Climb rate: 1100 fpm




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