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Lancair International Lancair Sentry


Only the top segment of the Lancair IV fuselage was modified for the Sentry, as well as portions of the vertical tail. Not only does this Lancair kit yield higher speeds similar to the IV-P Propjet model, it also offers increased yaw stability and excellent visibility out of a newly designed rear hinge canopy.

The Lancair Sentry kit was priced at $119,900, and included the converted fuselage top half, the modified turbine firewall, turbine engine mount, fuel tank extension, and carbon fiber cowling.

The concept plane, the Lancair Sentry is an adaptation of the highly successful Lancair IV aircraft. The Lancair IV was developed in 1990 and thus has sold over 500 kits.

The design of the Lancair Sentry was to provide a two-place tandem configuration for centerline seating; revised control systems to accommodate the tandem configuration; improved pilot / co-pilot visibility from military style, full bubble canopy; all graphite carbon fiber airframe; engineered for a 400 lb increase in gross weight; andengineered for turbine power and air conditioning.

Engine: Walter 601D, 708 hp @ sea level
Propeller: 3 Blade, Constant Speed
Length: 26 Ft.
Wingspan: 30.2 Ft.
Wing Area: 98 Sq Ft.
Wing Loading: 36 Lbs/sq Ft.
Aspect Ratio: 9:1
G Loading: +4.4 -2.2 Gs normal
Empty Weight: 2200 Lbs.
Gross Weight: 3550 Lbs
Fuel Capacity: 125 USGal.
Useful Load: 1350 Lbs.
Baggage Capacity: 150 Lbs.
Cabin Width: 46 in (front), 43 in (rear)
Cabin Height: 48 in.
Seats: 2 (tandem)
Cruise: (typical) 380 Mph @ 26,000'
Stall Speed: (dirty) 74 Mph
Takeoff Distance: 1500 Ft.
Landing Roll: 1700 Ft.
Fuel Consumption: 33 USGph (.67 Sfc)
Maximum Range: 1150 Sm (with Reserves)
Rate Of Climb: 4000 fpm




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