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Lamson Aircraft Co L.101 Air Tractor

A 1953 agricultural aircraft designed by R T Lamson. Two crop sprayers and seeders with a predominant upper gull-wing were built, registered N31237 and N31238. On the former, wing roots served as fuel tanks, the latter had a metal-covered fuselage with internal fuel tank. Wing units were interchangeable on both prototypes, as were all six tail units.
The first flight was on 10 December 1953, piloted by R T Lamson, a former test pilot for Boeing Co.
Production ceased in 1955.
Engine: P&W R-985, 450 hp
Wing span: 33'7"
Length: 26'5"
Useful load: 2400 lb
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall speed: 35 mph
Hopper load: 360 USgal
Price: c.$15,000 (equipped)
Seats: 1

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