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Lacey M-10 / M-10 VW Twin
Lacey M-10
Built by Joseph L Lacey in 1962, the the two place Lacey M-10 had a pivoting unbraced wing stowed fore-and-aft for trailing or hangaring. One was built, N73884, first flying on 7/6/62.
The Lacey is one of the simplest designs for the homebuilder to construct. In the words of its designer, “There are no com­pound curves and very few simple ones. The wing has no wash-in, no washout, no dihedral, and no incidence angle (the bottom is flat, and fits flat on top of the fuselage). It has no taper, no slots, no flaps, no spoilers, no wingtips, no struts, no wires, no braces, no spars.” The two-place, towable Lacey is propelled by a 90-hp Continental.



One M-10 VW Twin was built, N187LH, in 1968.

Engine: 95hp Continental C-90
Wingspan: 20'0"
Length: 19'6"
Gross Wt. 1118 lb
Empty Wt. 638 lb
Fuel capacity 20 USG
Useful load: 400 lb
Top speed: 140 mph
Cruise speed: 120 mph
Stall: 38 mph
Climb rate: 1000 fpm
Ceiling: 25,000'
Range: 440 miles
Takeoff run: 600 ft
Landing roll: 600 ft
Seats: 2
M-10 VW Twin
Engine: 2 x 40hp VW
Wing span: 20'0"
Length: 19'6"
Seats: 2

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