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Moniot APM 30 Lion
Issoire APM 30 Lion
Rex Composites APM 30 Lion
Issoire APM 30 Lion F-WWXX C/N: 1
The APM 30 Lion was designed by Philippe Moniot and is the three-seater version of the APM 20 Lionceau. It is made entirely of GRP and is the first aircraft made of GRP and the only three-seat aircraft that has been approved in the VLA class. A Rotax 912s is installed as the engine, which together with the MT-Prop-Twin-Propeller enables a cruising speed of 110 kn (204 km / h). It is also approved for NVFR.
The cockpit has flight instruments in the classic "six-pack arrangement". A glass cockpit is optionally available.
The APM 30 Lion, certified in 2007, is an extension of the Lionceau certification using the same airframe and the same wing, changing engine and introducing a third place.
APM 30 Lion
Following feedback from pilots, the manufacturer carried out a series of tests required by EASA, which made it possible to increase the maximum take-off weight from 736 to 750 kg. Furthermore, the flight controls were modified, which led to better handling of the aircraft.
APM 30 Lion
Engine: Rotax 912s
Propeller: MT Prop Twin
Wingspan: 8.6 m
Wing area: 9.5 m²
Length: 6.6 m
Height: 2.4 m
Empty weight: 430 kg
Max take off weight: 750 kg
Fuel capacity: 70 l
Top speed: 143 kn (265 km / h)
Cruising speed: 110 kn (204 km / h)
max. rate of climb: 800 ft / min
Service ceiling: 14,000 ft (4,267 m)
Range: 430 NM (796 km)
Crew: 1
Passengers: 2
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