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Lataste Gyroscopique
The 1909 French Lataste Aeroplane Gyroscopique was constructed of metal and the circular top wing was covered with fabric. It featured a long, uncovered, tapered frame with a propeller at each end; each propeller had two semicircular blades like sections of Archimedean screws, and turned the same way. Above the frame was the flat rotating, circular wing surface, probably mounted on a swivel joint. This surface and the propellers were driven through a long horizontal propeller shaft and planetary gears; the shaft ran through a cylindrical fuel tank inside the fuselage. The machine was mounted on four wheels, with the pilot sitting between them holding on to a steering wheel, which probably controlled the rotating winged surface high above him.
The photo shows a model of machine, which was displayed at the first Paris Salon Aéronautique in December 1908.

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