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Loew Tandem-Eindecker / E.1
This long-lived machine went through an unusual series of modifications. It was built by the Kieler Maschinenfabik Mordhorst, Germany, in 1908 as a "Dreiflächner", with three wings in tandem, for Otto Fritzsche, but Fritsche was killed in a car accident before a meeting in Kiel where wanted to compete. Carl Loew took over the machine in 1909 and the Rumpler workshops removed one of the wings pairs and installed an Aeolus engine, but he still couldn't get the craft in the air. After yet another another rebuild it looked more like a normal Taube monoplane and was equipped with a Daimler engine. In this configuration it flew in 1911, piloted by Loew. After a successful flight over the Baltic from Sonderburg in Nordschleswig (now Sønderborg, Denmark) to Kiel he donated the machine to the Kaiserliche Marine, who equipped it with floats and named it E.1. The E.1 survived until the beginning of 1914, when it was destroyed in a crash in Tsingtao, China.

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