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Morszeck Junkers F 13
The Junkers F 13 at Aero 2018
Dieter Morszeck, the owner of Rimowa GmbH, the famed baggage manufacturer, had a fondness for Junkers’ aircraft, and his father had produced the first travel case made of duralumin, the corrugated material Junkers used for his airplanes.
When the idea of a flyable reconstruction of the Junkers F 13 was floated in 2013, he was keen. However, he soon found out that there were only few remaining engineering drawings on which to base a reconstruction, and what existed was damaged and incomplete.
Further research revealed that there was an engineless F 13 in a museum in Le Bourget, France. With the permission of the curator, this aircraft was disassembled and laser-scanned, and the reconstruction proceeded on the basis of the derived blueprints.
Morszeck’s vision was a flyable airplane just like the original, but the knowledge of how to tool the components was seemingly lost. Dominik Kaelin, an expert in restoring vintage aircraft, their structures, and components. He and his team reinvented methods and materials they integrated into the aircraft. By the time they finished, every piece of it was crafted from scratch.
A ladder gets onto the huge wing, and tiny steps get through the door into the cabin, where four passengers can sit comfortably opposite each other in roomy leather upholstery. The two-seat cockpit, which is separated from the cabin by a window and, quite unlike the cabin, is open to the air. It can’t be accessed through the cabin as it also not have an outside door. Entry is from the wing.
A small recessed step leads into the pilot’s bucket seat 10 feet 2 inches above the ground. The instrument panel is equipped with a primary flight display, as well as a multifunction display, modern radio equipment, a transponder, and engine controls, but the wind is still in the pilot’s face. 
In 2018 HB-RIM obtained type certification and was touring Europe.
Peter Bowers, president of Waco Classic Aircraft (which has been acquired by Morszeck) exhibited with the Junkers at Aero 2018.
Junkers F 13
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-985 450 hp
Wing span: 48 ft 9 in
Length: 31 ft 6 in
Height: 10 ft 2 in
Empty weight: 3,430 lbs
Range: 345 nm
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Never exceed: 138 mph
Stall speed: 59 mph
Fuel consumption: Avgas 100 LL, 21 gph
Price: $ 2.8 million

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