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Otto Aviation Celera 500
Otto Aviation aircraft Celera 500L
Otto Aviation Group was secretly working on a project for about ten years in southern California.
In May 2019 the plane had been spotted at Victorville, California’s Southern California Logistics Airport on several occasions over the past year, and it recently was seen flying, according.
The plane features two pusher engines and a whisper-thin wing mated to a svelte blimp shaped fuselage. Claims include a ceiling of 65,000 feet with a top cruise speed of around 500 mph with a total fuel flow of between 30 and 40 gallons per hour.
In January 2019, new pictures of the pusher-propeller Celera 500L, which carries the U.S. civil registration code N818WM, emerged showing it in a markedly more mature state than in the past. The plane now has winglets at the tips of both wings. The aircraft also had a black propeller in place of the earlier white one and an aerodynamic spinner over the propeller hub. There's also a much better view of the trapeze-like landing gear assemblies, which are of the general style found in patent documents that Otto Aviation had submitted relating to a number of the aircraft's features.
Otto Aviation aircraft Celera 500L
In addition, as compared to earlier, the aircraft has conformal cowlings fitted in place over its rear-mounted engine compartment. Each one features a single large air intake and an exhaust port.
The power plant drives a single propeller. It is not clear whether a new one or two engines A03 V12. This model is in demand on the Russian Yak-52 and Yak-152.

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