Le Clère 1911 monoplane
Doctor Baron William Le Clère of Mareuil in Perogord, France, was passionate about mechanics. He had experimented with model airplanes, but wanted a real one. He entrusted the construction to Bertrand Gonthier, founder of the house Gonthier and Nouhaud. The plane was completed in 1911. It was transported by rail to Ribérac on October 20, 1911 and was reassembled in the grounds near the station, where they had built a hangar near the field where the experiments were to take place. The 500-kg plane had an elongated tapered fuselage with a total length of 10 meters, At the end, a triangular canvas represented the shape of a bird's tail in full flight. The plane only travelled some 50 metres before standing on its nose. Disappointed, Le Clère gave up his plans, but kept the engine of his airplane until his death, in Arcachon in 1927.