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NEAT Co / New England Air Transport Co F-2
Engle T-1
Apparently brought in as the 1929 Engle T-1 and renamed in 1930, the F-2 N11028 c/n 27 was sold (as forfeiture of mortgage) to Richard D Savage of Brighton MA for $4,000 on 15 November 1930, then to Nina L Armitage of Manville RI on 4 April 1934, who reported to CAA on 16 March 1936, "Aircraft now being dismantled." The sole example of the F-2 open cockpit biplanes registration was cancelled by CAA 15 April 1936.
The F2-WG of 1929, NX117M c/n 26, was powered by an 85hp Wright-Gypsy. The registration of the one built was cancelled on 26 January 1931.
Engine: 90hp DH Gypsy
Wingspan: 30'0"
Length: 21'0"
Seats: 2
Engine: 85hp Wright-Gypsy
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