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Noonan-Wiseman Petaluma
Wiseman-Cooke Petaluma
1911 (Petaluma) = A second Hall-Scott-powered aircraft was built in 1911, practically a duplicate of the first, for use by "Wiseman the Fearless" in exhibition flights throughout the West, as well as for the first Post Office-sanctioned air mail flight, on 17 February 1911, from Petaluma to Santa Rosa.
The names Wiseman-Cooke and Noonan-Wiseman often appear in conjunctive reports—Ben Noonan, a Santa Rosa butcher, supplied finances for Wiseman's projects; Weldon B Cooke (an aircraft builder in his own right) purchased Wiseman's 1911 machine, thought to have been repowered with 75hp Roberts, to fly in exhibitions after his Black Diamond was retired.
Restored in 1985 for the Smithsonian's Postal Museum.

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