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LWF G / G-2 / G-3
One of the first developments of LWF Engineering was a dual reconnaissance aircraft Model G, built in late 1917. During the tests the plane was destroyed and on its base in 1918 a new airplane was built- G-2, which could be used as a heavy fighter or as a scout-bomber. Equipped with a liquid-cooled engine Liberty 12 rated at 435 hp. The aircraft carried seven 7.62-mm machine guns (four of them were installed in front and synchronized for firing through the screw, two - in the rear cabin on a mobile turret-type Scarff and one at the bottom of the fuselage).
For the first time, the G-2 took off in the spring of 1918. The aircraft successfully passed the tests and the question of its serial production was considered, when on November 18, 1918 the prototype was lost as a result of the accident that occurred during the flight in the fog. This led to a complete halt of the project.
Engine: Liberty 12, 435 hp
Wing span: 12.69 m
Wing area: 47.94 sq.m
Length: 8.88 m
Height: 2.86 m
Empty weight: 1213 kg
Normal take-off weight: 1825 kg
Maximum speed: 222 km / h
Cruising speed: 196 km / h
Endurance: 4 hr
ROC: 328 m / min
Crew: 2
Armament: seven 7.62-mm machine guns

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