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Libański Jaskółka
In the workshop at Lwów (Lemberg)
In 1910 Edmund Libański of Lwów (then under Austrian rule, presently in Ukraine) designed an aircraft that was supposed to have advantages of both mono- and biplane through use of lift areas of different size (with upper plane much smaller than the lower one). The 1911 Polish Libański Jaskółka featured a 3-cylinder Delfose rotary engine placed ahead of its propeller. During the take-off to first flight the engine exploded leading to crash. Designer dropped the idea of rebuilding the plane and instead designed a year later a much more succesful two-seat airplane named Jaskółka (Swallow). It was later transported to Vienna where it made many succesful flights. The Jaskółka (Swallow) never flew with the additional upper wing, although it did fly in August 1911 as a monoplane at Wiener Neustadt - without its proven-to-be-impractical top plane.



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