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Lanier 120 Paraplane I / Paraplane II
Lanier Paraplane II N9060H
The 1949 120 Paraplane IN9060H test-bed was used by Office of Naval Research in STOL evaluation. First flown by Leo Riley, the Paraplane featured an inverted "Vacucell" gull-wing with an air scoop below and vacuum-slots on top—operated by a hand-crank in the cockpit—enabled slow flight at 19mph, take-off in 100', a 30° climb angle and 40° descent angle, and was spin- and stall-proof.
A modified Paraplane II showed up in 1949 with a 22'6" wing and was capable of nearly hovering.
Lanier Paraplane II Topps card #3
Engine: Continental A-90, 90hp
Wingspan: 20'5"
Length: 22'0"
Useful load (prototype): 455 lb
Max speed: 120 mph
Cruse speed: 30-120 mph
Stall: 28 mph
Seats: 1

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