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Letov S-239

Letov S-239.16
Wood-framed wings and tail-plane and fin covered by plywood, elevator and rudder by fabric. Fuselage steel-tube-framed, fabric-covered.
Letov S-239.16 (the 16th production S-239) was built in 1933. Ten were used by Flying Clubs and  Masarykś Flying League units until March 15,1939.
An S-239 was powered by a British radial Pobjoy R engine. But the Pobjoy licence was not purchased and that reason for a Pobjoy-powered production of S-239s was not undertaken.

Pobjoy-powered S-239
Engine: Walter Minor 4, 85 hp
Span : 10 m
Length: 6.14 m
Empty weight: 375 kg
Top speed: 174 kph
Climb to 1000 m: 5 min 16 sec
Range: 420 km
Crew: 2


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