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Naval Air Establishment Beeng
As part of frantic efforts to catch up with aviation in the rest of the world, a variety of design were hastily developed. Among these was the Beeng, quite possibly the first fighter ever designed in China. The Beeng a tractor flying boat, carrying a crew of three - a pilot and two gunners. Free space in the hull could carry either extra ammunition or small bombs to be dropped by hand. As a secondary role, the aircraft could be quickly converted for use as a passenger plane. In the space where ammunition or bombs would be carried, four seats could be installed for passengers. While the design itself was domestic, China couldd not hope to develop suitable engines, so a 360hp Rolls-Royce 12-cylinder liquid cooled engine was used. The aircraft itself was 39 feet long, 16 feet tall, and had a wingspan of 56 feet. Details of its service, however, are unclear.

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