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Naval Aircraft Factory SP / Mercury Racer

Packard was founded in 1899 by two brothers, James Ward Packard (5 November 1863 – 20 March 1928) and William Doud Packard (November 3, 1861 - November 11, 1923) of Warren, Ohio who ran the Packard Electric Company. In 1926 about 20 New York business men, including James Packard, and a group of US Navy officers expressed an interest in building an airplane designed to break the standing air speed record. Navy officials agreed that they would finance the proposal when funds became available. The aircraft was to be completed in time to participate in the 1927 Schneider Trophy Race, which would be held in Italy.

Packard 1A-2775 Engine No. 1 in its most modified version, with high compression, reduction gear and late type cylinder banks, was used in the Naval Aircraft Factory Mercury racing plane with engine 1A-2775, Serial No. 1, Bureau No. 10960, as a U. S. entry in the 1929 Schneider Trophy.







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