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LIBIS KB-11 Branko


The LIBIS KB-11 Branko was a 1950s Yugoslavian four-seat monoplane. The aircraft design office of the Letalski Institut Branko Ivanus Slovenija brought together teachers and students of the Ljubljana technical high school for the KB-11 Branko.

The KB-11 Branko was a development of the earlier two-seat KB-6 Matajur. First flown in December 1959 the KB-11 was an all-metal cantilever low-wing monoplane with retractable tricycle landing gear and an enclosed heated and ventilated cockpit for four persons. Intended for use as an air-taxi our business use but only small numbers were built.


Engine: 1 × Lycoming O-435-1, 138 kW (185 hp)
Wingspan: 10.59 m (34 ft 9 in)
Length: 8.23 m (27 ft 0 in)
Height: 2.45 m (8 ft 0 in)
Wing area: 1.152 sq.m (12.40 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 7.76:1
Airfoil: NACA 3415 at root, USA 35B at tip
Empty weight: 800 kg (1,764 lb)
Gross weight: 1,250 kg (2,756 lb) normal loaded without tip tanks
Maximum speed: 214 km/h; 116 kn (133 mph) at sea level
Cruise speed: 171 km/h; 92 kn (106 mph) at 1,525 m (5,000 ft) and 75% power
Stall speed: 98 km/h; 53 kn (61 mph)
Range: 950 km (590 mi; 513 nmi)
Service ceiling: 5,334 m (17,500 ft)
Rate of climb: 4.3 m/s (850 ft/min)
Crew: 1
Capacity: 4 total






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