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Naval Aircraft Factory (NAF) PN-7


Construction of the PN-7 was begun during 1923, the first being completed in January 1924 and the second in June. While it retained the wooden hull of the PN-5, the PN-7 incorporated an entirely new set of single-bay biplane wings, fabric covered, and metal construction that utilised a muck thicker section USA 27 airfoil in place of the RAF 6 of the PN-5. The increase in lift permitted a significant reduction in both wingspan and area, plus the strength resulting from the deeper spars required only one bay of struts outboard of the engines. In place of the old Liberty engines, experimental Wright T-2 powerplants were tractor-mounted in neat, streamlined nacelles with the water radiators slung under the upper wing centre section.
Trials conducted during 1924 indicated vastly improved performance. Although the wing design was successful, the engines were unreliable, and the wood hull required considerable maintenance.
Engines: 2 x Wright T-2, 525 hp
Prop: 2 blade fixed pitch
Armament: 2 x .30 mg
Bombload: 4 x 230 lb
Max speed: 105 mph
Ceiling: 9200 ft
Range: 655 mi
Empty weight: 9637 lb
Loaded weight: 14,203 lb
Span – upper: 72 ft 10 in
Length: 49 ft 1 in
Wing area: 1217 sq.ft



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