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Millennium Jet SoloTrek Exo-Skelitor Flying Vehicle (SoloTrek XFV)
Trek Aerospace Springtail / Dragonfly

An American company named Millennium Jet of Sunnyvale, California, developed a recreational flying platform aircraft with the comic-book name of "SoloTrek Exo-Skelitor Flying Vehicle (SoloTrek XFV)" that got a certain amount of public fanfare for a time. It was an extremely unusual design that looked like an exotic piece of exercise equipment with twin ducted fans bolted on at the top. The fans tilted together to provide forward propulsion, or individually to spin the aircraft around. The pilot stood up in the frame and controlled the vehicle with two handgrips at the end of armrests. The right handgrip was a joystick for directional control and the left handgrip was the throttle. The pilot had flight instrumentation as well, provided by a display built into helmet goggles.

Two were built, with initial tethered flight of the first in 2002, but the machine never entered production. Millennium Jet evolved through whatever mechanisms to a new organization named Trek Aerospace that push a revised version of the machine named the "Springtail", a derivative with a cockpit named the "Dragonfly", and small UAVs based on the twin ducted fan configuration. The effort seems to have gone quiet.



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