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ANF Les Mureaux 4

The ANF les Mureaux series of light observation aircraft first appeared in late 1920's and developed further into the 1930's. The Mureaux served as a forward reconnaissance aircraft to the start of World War 2. The aircraft was wholly outclassed in many ways though some 100 were still in operational service.

The design of the Mureaux 4 was with simple static landing gear, a high-monoplane wing on supportive struts and seating for two personnel. With limited armament options, the Mureaux served a more definitive role of reconnaissance and could operate up to 500 miles at altitudes upwards of 26,000 feet.


Only one Mureaux 4 fighter was built, first flying in 1928.


By the time the German Luftwaffe invasion over French airspace in 1940, the Mureaux series was already on its way out. The system was eventually replaced by the more capable Potez series 63.11 aircraft in the same role.

ANF Les Mureaux 4
Engine: 1 x Hispano-Suiza 12-cylinder liquid-cooled V-type, 860hp
Length: 33.40ft (10.18m)
Wingspan: 50.52ft (15.40m)
Height: 11.29ft (3.44m)
Maximum Speed: 197mph (317kmh; 171kts)
Maximum Range: 500miles (804km)
Service Ceiling: 26,247ft (8,000m)
Armament: 4 OR 5 x 7.7mm machine guns, Up to 882lbs of ordnance.
Accommodation: 2
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 7,606lbs (3,450kg)



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