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K & S Jungster II


The Jungster II is a follow-up design that grew out of experience with the Jungster I. The intent was to create a plane with the same open cockpit concept but to increase speed and capacity so that it would be an acceptable cross-country airplane. The Jungster II uses the same design and construction concepts except that it is just a little bit bigger, has left the lower wing, behind in favor of a single extended parasol-type wing, and uses a welded steel-tube center section. Engines rated from 85 to 180 hp are used.

Gross Wt. 1375 lb
Empty Wt. 739 lb
Fuel capacity 16 lb
Wingspan 22’4”
Length 16’11”
Top 170 mph
Cruise 148 mph
Stall 55 mph
Climb rate 3500 fpm
Takeoff run 200 ft
Landing roll 800 ft

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