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Kronfeld Drone / Super Drone
BAC Drone


BAC Drone G-AEJP – 10 August 1936


A lightly laden high wing monoplane of 40 ft span, the Drone was devised by Charles Herbet Lowe-Wylde by fitting a motorcycle engine to his sailplane. The idea was to give cheap training to pilots who had already gone solo. The pusher engine was mounted on top of the wing, behind the cockpit.
In 1936 Kronfeld built 20 Drone monoplanes.




British Aircraft Co Drone
Engine: Douglas Sprite 600cc
Span: 40 ft
Seats: 1
Max level speed: 73 mph
Cruise: 65 mph
Ceiling: 12,500 ft
Range: 340 miles

Price 1936: £295

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