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New Kolb Flyer SS


The Flyer SS fuselage is a resin infusion moulded composite structure consisting of a carbon fiber/epoxy resin laminate with rigid PVC, birch plywood and balsa cores. The all-metal wet wing is a single-strut, single spar construction, covered with aluminum skins. The horizontal empennage features a cantilever stabilizer structure covered with aluminum and with fibreglass tips. The vertical tail, ailerons, flaps and elevator are also aluminum covered. Ailerons, elevator are mass balanced.

The airplane features dual control sticks, dual rudder pedals and a dual differential braking system. The Frise Ailerons are deflected through a bellcrank / pushrod mechanism mounted on ball bearings. The Fowler flaps are operated by a torque tube connected to an electric motor. Ailerons deflect 30° up and 17° down and flaps 40°. The rudder is cable operated while the elevator is operated via a set of 2 push-pull tubes connected by a central bellcrank. The trim tab is controlled by an electric servo motor.

The main Wittman type landing gear legs are made of heat-treated 6150 HR steel rods, faired with fibreglass. The system consists of a right and a left leg, bolted in two landing gear sockets located at each end on an extruded aluminum carry through square tube laminated in place in the bottom of the fuselage. The nose gear leg is made in the same fashion as the main gear but with a different camber. The wheel is mounted in an aluminum fork and suspension is provided by natural leg bending. The nose wheel is free and can rotate 360°.

Cleveland 5 inch wheels and brakes with 5.00*5 tires are used for all three wheels. Brakes are toe operated and the KOLB FLYER SS offers differential braking from pilot and passenger seats.

The flaps are electrically operated by an electric actuator. The flap control is located in the center console. They offer 5 positions from -4° to 40°. One elevator trim, electrically operated, that combines as an anti-servo tab. Fixed trims are used for the rudder and the ailerons.

Two seats, side by side and adjustable, leather seat cushions, dual sticks, dual pedals, center console, top hinged bubble doors, blown acrylic windshield, windows and skylights, baggage compartment accessible via a cargo door on the pilot's side and over the central bulkhead. Three-point seat belts - shoulder harness for both seats. The two seats are moving forward and aft and are electrically actuated. The control is done via a rocker switch located between the two seats on the center console.

The Rotax 912S develops 100 HP at 5,800 RPM for take-off and 95 HP continuous at 5,500 RPM. Stainless steel exhausts system. 4 cylinder, 4 stroke liquid/air cooled engine with opposed cylinders, dry sump forced lubrication with separate 3l (.8 gal US) oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, 2 CD carburetors, mechanical fuel pump, electronic dual ignition, electric starter, integrated reduction gear 1= 2.43.

Flyer SS
Engine: Rotax 912S, 100  hp
Wing span: 32Ft / 9.75m
Length: 20.6ft6./ 28m
Fin height: 8.25ft / 2.5m
Airfoil: GA30U-418
Wing area: 117Sq.ft. / 10.8 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 8.73
Dihedral: 0.9 deg
Incidence: 2.5 deg
Aileron Span: 57.6In / 1.46m
Aileron Area (each): 3.9Sq.ft / 0.36Sq.m
Flap Span: 103.4in
Flap Area (each): 6.9Sq.ft / 0.64Sq.m
Stabilizer span: 9ft / 2.74m
Stabilizer area: 13.9Sq.ft. / 1.29Sq.m
Elevator area: 9.7Sq.ft. / 0.9Sq.m
Trim tab area: 1Sq.ft. / 0.1Sq.m
Horizontal tail Angle of incidence: -1deg
Fin area: 4Sq.ft. / 0.37Sq.m
Rudder area: 7.1Sq.ft / 0.66Sq.m
Landing gear Track: 7.3Ft / 2.23m
Wheel base: 68.7In / 1.74m
Cabin width: 47 In / 1.2m
Cabin Leg room: 46 In / 1.17m
Maximum cruising speed: 117 ktas
Maximum speed (flaps extended): 74 ktas
Cruising speed: 115 ktas
Never to exceed speed (VNE): 140 ktas
Stall speed (flaps retracted): 45 ktas
Stall speed flaps 10°: 38 ktas
Stall speed flaps 25°: 32 ktas
Stall speed flaps 40°: 30 ktas
Climb rate: 1,234 fpm
Take-off ground roll: 725 ft.
Landing ground roll: 500 ft.
Operating ceiling: 12,000 ft.
Maximum take-off weight: 1,320 lbs / 600 kg
Typical empty weight: 850 lbs / 385 kg
Typical useful load: 470 lbs / 213 kg
Maximum weight per seat: 240 lbs / 109 kg
Maximum baggage weight: 28 lbs / 13 kg
Maximum fuel load: 162 lbs / 73 kg
Minimum single pilot weight: NO single pilot weight minimum


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