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Klemm Kl-35 / Kl-135

Kl 35D

From its beginning in 1926 Klemm produced only cantilever monoplanes, and first flown February 1935 as a civil prototype, the Kl 35a was powered by a 60-kW (80-hp) Hirth HM 60R inline. The Klemm 35 entered production the same year. The Kl 35b second prototype featured the 78-kW (105-hp) HM 504A-2, and this engine was retained for the Kl 35B initial production variant. From this the company developed a primary trainer for the Luftwaffe as the Kl 35D, and this first flew in 1938. By comparison with the Kl 35B the wheel spats were omitted, and the landing gear was beefed up for wheels, floats or even skis.

The Kl35 was generally similar in appearance, but instead of a straight wing, it had a gull wing. The Klemm Kl35D differed in being powered by a 105hp Hirth HM504 A-02 engine and it had a braced and strengthened undercarriage with spats removed. The Luftwaffe also used the type for liaison, courier and postal work, and the type was exported to Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Sweden, the last also producing the type under licence. The Klemm Kl.35 remained in production until 1941. About 2000 airframes were built.

Kl 35a
Engine: Hirth HM 60R, 60-kW (80-hp).

Kl 35b
Engine: Hirth HM 504A-2, 78-kW (105-hp).

Kl 35B XIV
Engine: BMW-Bramo (Siemens) Sh 14A seven-cylinder radial, 160 hp.
Prop: 2-blade.
Wing span: 39 ft 4.5 in (12.00 m).
Length: 23 ft 7.5 in (7.20 m).
Wing area: 183 sq ft (17.00 sq.m).
Gross weight: 2,094 lb (950 kg).
Max speed: 130 mph (210kph) at S/L.
Typical range: 495 miles (800 km).
Seats: 3.

Kl 35D
Engine: 1 x Hirth HM 6CR, 60kW (80 hp).
Span: 10.40m (34ft 1.5in).
Length: 7.50m (24ft 7.25 in).
Armament: none.
Max T/O weight: 750kg (1,654lb).
Max speed: 132 mph at sea level.
Operational range: 413 miles.
Seats: 2



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