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Keystone Aircraft Corp LB-5

Prior to the company reorganization, Huff-Daland had completed a prototype XLB-5, with triple rudders and two 420-hp Liberty engines mounted on the lower wings, and this was adopted as the initial production configuration. Ten similar LB-5s were delivered in 1927-28, followed by 25 twin-tailed Keystone LB-5As delivered in 1928.

Standard armament consisted of five 0.30-in (7.62-mm) machine-guns and the maximum bombload was 910 kg (2000 lb).

Span: 20.42 m (67 ft)
Length: 13.61 m (44 ft 8 in)
Gross weight: 5526 kg (12184 1b)
Maximum speed: 172 km/h (107 mph).

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