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Kerestesi MG-1 Motorglider

Kerestesi MG-1 Motorglider had its beginnings as the G-1 Formula racer. It resembled the Fournier RF-1, but was built of metal for protection against the weather. It has a constant chord wing for higher drag penalty, and the trailing edge of the inboard wing panels are all flap, and the outer edges all aileron. Both are operated by push-pull tubes. The fuselage is built of composite materials. An all-moving stabilator was used in place of conventional two-piece elevator sur-faces.

Gross Wt. 940 lb
Empty Wt. 731 lb
Fuel capaci-ty 4 USG
Wingspan 45’
Length 21’.
Engine 50-hp 1200cc VW
Top glide mph 120 (power on 80 mph)
Takeoff run 800 ft
Landing roll 300 ft

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