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Kelly Hatz CB-1


Began as a parasol monoplane, N8670E, the first flight of this tandem-seater, open-cockpit biplane took place in 1968.  

The wings are a fabric-covered spruce spars with truss rib structure, while the fuselage and tail are built from welded steel tubing. Bungee shocks for the gear; 6 x 6 wheels with brakes; dual controls; space for overnight bag on shelf in front cockpit; fuel capacity 33 gallons in two tanks, or 20 gallons in one tank (center section).

The design weight of the Hatz (850 pounds) makes it perform well with the 85-hp Continental and it is stressed to take engines up to 150 hp. The Hatz can be trimmed to fly hands-off (more or less), which helps out when trying to read a map in an open cockpit. Control response is slow enough to give a feeling of a much larger aircraft, and it is capable of all aerobatic maneuvers in the power range.

The Hatz CB-1 Biplane is a two place with a 90 mph cruise.

A straight-forward design with simple details and a minimum of time consuming jig work is the result of many hours of planning and testing.



First produced by John D Hatz, Schofield and Merril WI, USA, and circa 1980, Dudley R Kelly of Versailles KY., USA, plans were marketed to home-builders at $125 and kits were available from commercial sources.

Wingspan 25’4”
Height: 7.83 ft
Length 19’
Wing area: 178 sq.ft
Range: 200 sm
Height: 7.8 ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: tail wheel


Engine: Continental O-200, 100 hp.
HP range: 85-150.
Span: 25 ft 4 in
Length: 19 ft
Height: 7 ft 10 in
Chord: 50" Clark Y Airfoil
Area: 178 sq. ft
Weight empty: 850 lbs.
Gross: 1400 lbs.
Fuel cap: 18 USG.
Useful load: 550 lb
Speed max: 105 mph.
Cruise: 80 mph.
Range: 200 sm (20 min res)
Stall: 55 mph.
ROC: 750 fpm.
Take-off dist: 400 ft.
Landing dist: 600 ft.
Wing loading: 7.8 lbs per sq. ft.
Allowable G forces: +5 / -3
Landing speed: 40 to 45 mph

Engine: Lycoming O-320, 160 hp.
HP range: 100-160.
Speed max: 150 mph.
Cruise: 105 mph.
Stall: 42 mph.
ROC: 1000 fpm.
Take-off dist: 600 ft.
Landing dist: 600 ft.
Service ceiling: 10,000 ft.
Fuel cap: 25 USG.
Weight empty: 1000 lbs.
Gross: 1600 lbs.
Range: 350 nm
Length: 19.1 ft
Wingspan: 25 ft
Wing area: 180 sq.ft
Seats: 2


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