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Kawasaki Ki-28



The Ki-28 was Kawasaki's competitor for a replacement fighter in 1935 for the Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF). Conpeting against the Mitsubishi Ki-33 and the Nakajima Ki-27, all three aircraft were low wing monoplane design and similar in performance but the Ki-27 won due to its manoeuverability. The Ki-28 was powered by an 800 hp Kawasaki Ha-9-IIa liquid cooled engine.

Engine 1 x Kawasaki Ha-9-IIa 800hp 12 cyl
Length 12 m.
Wingspan 7.9 m
Wing area 19 sq.m
Height 2.6 m
Empty weight 1420 kg
Max Take off Weight 1760 kg
Max Speed 485 km/hr.
Range 1000 km.
Ceiling 11000 m
Crew 1.


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