Kamov-Skrzhinski KASKR-2


A major reconstruction of the KaSkr-1 with much more powerful cowled engine resulted in the KaSkr -2. Other minor changes included a rudder of better shape.
First flown in 1930, it was operated on skis in the winter of 1930-31. Pilot D.A.Koshits had flown the KaSkr-2 on 90 occasions by late 1931.
The KaSkr-2 led to the 2-EA and A-4 at CAHI.

Engine: Gnome-Rhone Titan 5-cylinder radial, 168kW / 230 hp
Rotor diameter: 12m
Length: 9m
Loaded weight: 1100kg
Empty weight: 865kg
Speed: 110km/h
Ceiling: 450m
Endurance: 28min