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Junkers Ju.388



The Junkers Ju 388 was a 1944 development of the Junkers Ju 188. There was three versions, J (hunter), K (bomber) and L (reconnaissance aircraft).

The first prototype, the Ju 388 L-0 V 7 with the factory serial number 300,001, PG+YA, developed using of major components of the Ju 188 and flew for the first time in December 1943.

The prototypes built were V 1 to V 6 (2 each of the J-1, K-1 and L-1) during 1944. Structural areas and the horizontal tail unit of all versions were taken completely from the Ju 188, the chassis from the Ju 88. In contrast to the Ju 188 the Ju 388 possessed a pressurized cabin for three man crew.

In order to improve the aerodynamics and speed, the portion of the cockpit were omitted but a remote controlled tail FHL 131 Z was inserted. The wings were defrosted as with the Ju 188 by warm air by the engines, the snow and ice removal of the horizontal stabilizers took place via a gasoline Kaercher furnace.

The only version of this Ju 188 development to enter production before the end of the war was the Ju 388L reconnaissance aircraft, a small number of which were built. Power was provided by two 1,349kW BMW 801TJ engines.

One Ju 388 L-1, 560,049 was captured by the Americans in the Merseburg works. It originated from production from Weser flight in Liegnitz/Schlesien, and parts were manufactured by ATG.

It was brought with other German airplanes on the aircraft carrier HMS Reaper in Operation Sea Horse for tests into the USA. These took place in Wright Field, Ohio. The machine carried the identification FE-4010 (later T2-4010).

In 1947 the tests finished, and 560,049 / FE-4010 found its way to the National Air & Space Museum. Unrestored, the cockpit of the Ju is 388 L is nearly in the original state.



Engines: 2 x Junkers Jumo 222E
Wingspan 22 m (72 ft. 2.125 in.)
Length 14.95 m (49 ft. 1 in.)
Height 4.9m (16 ft 1 in)
Weight 10,565 kg (23,296 lb.) empty
Top speed: 414 mph @ 37,700 ft.
Range: 1100 miles
Ceiling: 42,200 ft
Armament: 3 x 13mm mg






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