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Junkers Ju.322


A 1941 flying-wing transport glider, built in competition with the Me 321. The RLM insisted that the Ju 322 would be built of wood, a construction technique not used by Junkers since 1918.

Junkers employed a wing like that of the G-38 on a transport glider design, the Ju 322 Mammut (Mammoth) but stability problems showed up on its first test flight.

The RLM had ordered 200, but the Ju 322 was cancelled after the prototype proved unstable. The Me 321 was selected for production.

The 62-m (203-ft) span glider was towed by a Ju 90 towplane (for whose take-off 5 km (3 miles) of forest had been cleared from the end of the Junkers airfield at Mersburg) and had to be cast off. It landed in a meadow where it lay for two weeks before it was towed back to the airfield by the two tanks it had been designed to carry. Both it and 99 other Mammuts under construction were sawn up into firewood.

Wing span: 62-m (203-ft)

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