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Jodel D.140 Mousquetaire / Abeille


Jodel D.140

By the time, the whole range of aircraft had been taken over by Robin. Meanwhile, Joly and Delemontez were not sitting idle. Having built the D9, D10 series (=DR100) and D11 series, it was time to move on. After some ideas that never materialised, the D140 Mousquetaire was introduced. In 1956, the Jumbo Jodel was developed by Delemontez and Lucien Querey (founder of SAN) as a touring machine, seating 4 people.

It was to become the biggest jodel ever built: a 180 hp tailwheel design with four/five seat capacity. Early Mousquetaires featured a rather ugly triangle vertical tailplane, later ones were fitted with tailplanes like on the DR 1050 M and DR 200 series.

Aft of the cabin, a huge cargo door hides a very roomy space to stow a lot of camping goods, making this aircraft a very nice go places platform. The D140s have been used as air ambulances and originally the cargo door was meant as an entry point for stretchers carrying injured people.

SAN evolved the four/five-seat model that first flew in July 1958 as the D.140 with a 134-kW (180-hp) 0-360 engine.

Curious detail of the D140 is that the factory prototype carried the serial number 4. The first three (F-BIZE, F-BIZA AND F-BIZB) had already been sold to the launching customer: le Service de la Formation Aeronautique, a French governmental institution.

The D140 has been built in several variants, D140A, B, C, E and R. The A and B model had a very distict vertical tailplane, of rather dubious esthetical quality. Later models received the more pleasing tail layout as on the DR1050M models. The D140 C model is very interesting in this respect, since it had both the modern two piece swept vertical tail and the old style two piece horizontal tail.


A total of 193 of the D.140A, B, C, D, and E were built.

The D.140R Abeille was developed from the D.140E for glider towing. Twenty-two were built.

A variant of the Mousquetaire is the D.140R Abeille glider tug, and this is identical to the D.140 apart from its glider-towing fitment and a more extensively glazed cabin for improved rearward fields of vision. In 1969 SAN went into liquidation and production of the two D.140 variants was shifted to Avions Pierre Robin.

Avions Mudry purchased the manufacturing rights to the Mousquetaire and continued building them, naming them Abeille (Bee). The abeille has been built with glider towing in mind. This resulted in a lowered turtledeck, omission of the cargo bay and lengthened glass area.


Jodel D.140


D 140 Mousquetaire 
four/five-seat sport and touring lightplane.
Span: 10.27m (33ft 8.25 in).
Length: 7.82m (25ft 8in).
Engine: 1 x Avco Lycoming O-360-A2A, 134kW (180 hp).
Max T/O weight: 1200 kg (2,646 lb).
Max speed: 158 mph at sea level.
Operational range: 870 miles.
Introduced: 31/10/1958
Vertical tail: Triangle, rounded top
Horizontal tail: Two piece
Fuselage:High turtledeck with cargo door
Seats: 4
D140BMousquetaire II
Introduced: Soon after the A model
Vertical tail: Triangle, straight top
Horizontal tail: Two piece
Fuselage:High turtledeck with cargo door
D140C Mousquetaire III
Introduced: 1962
Vertical tail: Swept
Horizontal tail: Two piece
Fuselage:High turtledeck with cargo door
D140E Mousquetaire IV
Introduced: 1964
Vertical tail: Swept
Horizontal tail: Single piece
Fuselage:High turtledeck with cargo door
Span: 10.27 m / 33 ft 8.25 in
Length: 7.92 m / 25 ft 11.75 in
Height: 2.13 m
Wing area: 18.5 sq.m
Lycoming O-360 A1A, O-360 A2A, IO-360 B2F6 / 180 hp
Landing gear Track: 2.27 m
Main tires: 500 x 150
Tail wheel: 3.00 x 4
Seats: 5
Front seats: 154 kg
Rear seats: 210 kg
Front shelf: 60 kg
Rear shelf: 90 kg
Empty weight: 610/660 kg
Max takeoff: 1200 kg / 2645 lb
Front fuel tank: 90 lt
Rear fuel tank: 125 lt
Supplementary front fuel tank: 45 lt
Vne: 290 km/h
Max speed: 240 km/h
Cruise speed 75% 7000ft/2300m: 240 km/h / 129 kt / 149 mph
Landing speed: 115 km/h
Rate of climb: 3.6 - 4.0 m/s (710 - 780 fpm)
Takoff distance (grass, clearing 15 meter obstacle): 520 m
Landing distance: 400 m
D140 R 
Introduced: 1965
Vertical tail: Swept
Horizontal tail: Single piece
Fuselage:Extended glass, no cargo bay
No built: 22
Glider towing: Yes




D 140 Mousquetaire


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