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Fury II

Designed by John Isaacs, the Fury is a 7/10 scale, single seat wooden replica of the famous Hawker Fury biplane of the 1930’s. The Isaacs Fury Mk 1 prototype G-ASCM first flew in 1963 powered by a 65 hp Mikron III engine. In 1967 the prototype was modified to Mk 2 standard by installing a 125 hp Lycoming O-290 engine. This aircraft is stressed to 9g for aerobatics. Normal load limits are +5 and -1G.


Fury II


The fuselage is a spruce structure of rectangular cross-section, with a curved turtlede eking and plywood covered. The wing is made up of solid spruce, warren girder ribs, internal diagonal wooden bracing and fabric covering. Ailerons are on the top wing only. No flaps are fitted. N type cabane and interplane struts support the wings which have conventional external wire bracing. The airfoil section is RAF 28. The empennage is a wooden structure utilising solid spars, girder ribs and fabric covering. The tailplane is strut braced. The fixed landing gear incorporates rubber cord shock-absorption and 3.25 x 14” wheels. A 10 Imperial gallon fuel tank is located aft of the firewall. A luggage locker is provided behind the cockpit.

It is only offered as a scratch built project with plans from John Isaacs. It is also an approved type of aircraft by the PFA in the UK.


John Isaac had sold 200 sets of plans (revised in 1994) by 1998. The plans were then marketed by the Popular Flying Association.
Engine: Lycoming
Wing span: 6.4 m
Wing area: 11.4 sq.m
MAUW: 454 kg
Empty weight: 333 kg
Fuel capacity: 68 lt
Max speed: 185 kph
Cruise speed: 160 kph
Minimum speed: 72 kph
Climb rate: 8 m/s
Seats: 1
Fuel consumption: 25 lt/hr
Plan price (1998): $120

Engine: Lycoming 0-290, 125 hp.
Span, upper wing: 2l ft 0 in.
Lower wing: 18 ft 2 in.
Length: 19 ft 3 in.
Wing Area: 123.8 sq.ft.
Wing Loading: 8.1 lb/sq.ft.
Fuel cap: 18 USG.
MAUW: 1000 lbs.
Weight Empty: 730 lb.
Stall Speed: 38 mph.
Cruise: 100 mph.
Vne: 135 mph.
Top speed: 115 mph
Range: 200 sm.
Take-off dist: 400 ft.
Vne: 160 mph.
ROC: 1600 fpm.
Ultimate Loading: +9/-4.5g.

Engine: Lycoming 0-235-C, 115 hp.
Range 160km (100 miles).  
MTOW: 1000 lbs.
Empty wt: 675 lbs.
Wing span: 21 ft.
Stall: 30 kts.
ROC: 1400 fpm.
Load limits: +9 / -4.5G.

Engine: Lycoming 0-235 C2A, 125hp.
Prop: Henry 428 72in dia/44in pitch
Cruise 85kt @2400rpm  
ROC: 1500fpm
Fuel burn @ cruise: 26 lt/hr
Load: +9/-5.



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