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Itoh Emi 17 Tsurubane No.3
Ito's assistant Toyataro Yamagata decided to try his hand at aerobatic competitions, and for this purpose, the company ltoh Hikoki Kenkyusho began designing a light sports aircraft in 1920. The project was led by Tomotori Iganaki.
The aircraft, designated Emi 17 Tsurubane No.3, was preparing to take part in the August competition for the prize of the Imperial Japanese Flying Association, but problems with the rotary engine prevented this.
And just two weeks later, Yamagta crashed on Emi 14 and the plane remained ownerless. For some time it was tested with a new engine, and then the car was "abandoned". Emi 17 was the last of the Tsurunabe family.
Emi 17
Engine: rotary, 80 hp
Wingspan: 9.15m
Wing area: 27.80 sq.m
Length: 6.30 m
Height: 2.45 m
Empty weight: 590kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 740kg
Maximum speed: 121km/h
Cruising speed: 105km/h
Crew: 1
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