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Jourdan Monoplane 1 / Hélicoplane
Jourdan Monoplane 1
The Frenchman Jourdan tested during 1910-1912 at Juvisy (France) various versions of his aircraft in different forms. All his machines were characterized by a big central tube ('conical barrel'). The engine with a tractor propeller was mounted before (or at first in) the barrel, to push air in the barrel. The idea might be to push the air through the barrel and fly. The machines had no model registration to differentiate them.
Possibly the Jourdan No.1 from Spring 1911 had a simple full rounded cone barrel in the front, then triangle elevator at the rear, and the wings have ailerons. The original machine giving the clearest view of the ideas of Jourdan. A very big barrel with the engine inside and propeller just as long as the diameter of the barrel. The shrouded propeller was patented December 30, 1910. Shoulder wings with wing warping. Machine did not fly after months of testing during 1910.
The Machine-2 of Spring 1911was a complete redesign, much smaller barrel, with the propeller before the barrel. Pilot could sit comfortably under the barrel seated within the massive undercarriage. This machine was (also) continually modified. At first it was fitted with wing warping, but after modification it was fitted with ailerons. As the machine was continuously modified there can be seen a sort of side board at the undercarriage, maybe to shield the pilot from the wind.

Machine was reported in the German press [Flugsport February 1911] and in the French press [L'Aérophile]. The machine was extensively tested, but no flight occurred.

The third machine of Spring 1912, was again a complete redesign. The full circle barrel was here replaced by a big half-barrel with a different undercarriage. The propeller was quite before the half barrel. Again, wing warping. The machine was again reported in the press [Flugsport March 1912] and it Flew. There is at least one picture of it (probably more) of the machine in flight.
A fourth version, which probably debuted in 1912, was a modification of the third, and notable mainly for the removal of the bottom half of the cylinder.
Etienne Jourdan died on July 15, 1912, leaving almost no trace of his ideas.
1912 Jourdan
Propeller: 2-blade fixed pitch wooden
Span: 46'
Length: 32'10"
Weight: 1100 lbs
Crew: 1
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