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JAI JAI-60 60 years of the JAI
The JAI-60 (Russian: ХАИ-60) all-metal trainer was designed at the SKB JAI and built at the Kharkov Aviation Factory in 1990, in commemoration of the 60 years of the JAI.
One of the last works of the SKB JAI was the JAI-60 light aircraft (also known as “60 years of the JAI”) design began in 1985, when the magazine "Krilya Rodini" (Wings of the Fatherland), together with the DOSAAF and the NII MAP, launched a competition for the development and construction of a light aircraft for primary training.
The design group was led by the head of NIL OSKB JAI Gennadi G. Jmyz. The developers, from the very beginning, decided that the new model should be useful not only for training, but also for transporting passengers and cargo. In compliance with the conditions of the contest, great attention was paid to the take-off and landing characteristics, and the ability to operate from airfields with asphalt runway, and the ability to tow gliders.
The JAI-60 was designed as a high-wing, braced monoplane with a conventional type tail unit. In its construction, the wing has negative sagging (-7º).
The landing gear features fixed main titanium legs. The enclosed cabin easily accommodates the pilot and two passengers, also featuring a luggage compartment.
This model originally featured an MZ three-cylinder engine capable of 110 hp, but due to strong vibrations it was soon replaced by a 140 hp Czechoslovak M-332 engine.
The fuel system featured tanks located on the wing leading edge for a range of 700 km and capacity for a suspended auxiliary tank.
The JAI-60 prototype flew in 1990. Only the one was built.
Engine: MZ, 115 hp
Wingspan: 10.0 m
Wing area: 12.0 m²
Length: 6.2 m
Empty weight: 406 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 680 kg
Maximum speed at sea level: 240 km / h
Landing speed: 70 km / h
Range: 670 km
Take-off run: 100 m
Landing run: 80 m
Accommodation: 1
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