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The JAI-48 (Russian: ХАИ-48) was developed by the SKB JAI student group as a two-seater light aircraft. This model, of a tricycle undercarriage, shows a clear descent from the previous models of the group.
Structurally it was similar in its construction to the JAI-35, with a minimalist fuselage made up of a structure of tubes and metal sheets to which a vertical bar was fixed on which the wing plane was supported, braced by uprights. As control structures the wings had ailerons.
The tail unit was of the conventional type with a mid-set empennage, braced by uprights.
The landing gear is fixed tricycle type, with the main wheels on titanium legs and the front wheel, steerable, with oil-pneumatic suspension.
The crew members were located in an open cockpit with a simple instrument panel and a transparent windshield.
The engine was located under the wing, driving a two-bladed propeller in pusher configuration.
Only one was built.

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