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In 1986 at SKB JAI a light aircraft named JAI-40 (Russian: ХАИ-40) and nicknamed “VOK” was developed. Originally this device was obtained as a student work directed by G. Jmyz from the previous JAI-21. The aircraft was safe, light in handling and excellent speed and economy characteristics.
The JAI-40 was designed as a mixed construction single-seater high-wing monoplane. The wing, braced by inverted V posts, was constructed of wood with some use of composite materials and featured control surfaces along the entire length of the trailing edge.
The bar-type fuselage was constructed of metal tubes and sheets.
The glue unit was conceived on the basis of a fabric-coated duralumin tube structure. The horizontal planes were located high above the empennage and were braced to the structure by cables. The rudder featured a large area.
The landing gear was designed in a tricycle configuration. The front wheel was of the steerable type and was located directly at the bow of the device. The pilot sat in a seat on the basic structure of the fuselage. To avoid impacts during landing at large approach angles, a skid was installed under the rear of the fuselage.
The drive configuration difficulties were offset by installing a 35 hp RMZ-640 geared motor. This engine was installed directly on the vertical pylon for fixing the wings, moving a propeller with two wooden blades 1.38 meters in diameter. The selection of the engine and the use of a wing with 8.2 aspect ratio allowed the model to fly easily and have an excellent take-off step. Later and in order to improve performance, a 42 hp Vulcan engine designed by VP Manuilenko would be installed, moving a propeller of 1.51 meters in diameter.
Its further development was reinforced and in 1988 it reached first place in its class in the light aircraft competition held in Túshino. With a takeoff weight of 305 kg and a 42 hp engine this little machine was capable of reaching 105 km / h.
JAI-40 in its final version
The JAI-40 successfully participated in the SLA-87 light aircraft competition.
Engine: 1 x Vulcan 42 hp
Wingspan: 8.50 m
Length: 4.75 m
Wing area: 9.60 m²
Tailplane wingspan: 5 m
Vertical fin area: 1.64 m²
Rudder area: 0.90 m²
Queue area: 1.40 m²
Elevators area: 0.86 m²
Wing aspect ratio: 8.7
Wing Profile: GA (W) -1
Wheel spacing: 2.05m
Empty weight: 172 kg
Gross weight: 262 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 305 kg
Wing loading: 2.44 lb / sq.ft
Power load: 7.48 kg / hp
Fuel capacity: 10 liters
Maximum speed: 105 km / h
Cruising speed: 95 km / h
Stall speed: 55 km / h
Ascent speed: 128 m / min
Practical range: 90 km
Accommodation: 1
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