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In 1983, in the SKB JAI piloted model development group, designed and built, JAI-38 (Russian: ХАИ-38) multifunctional delta. In charge of the design was fourth-year student SI Kanivolotski.
The delta was powered by a 40 hp Vulcan V-40 engine, designed and built at the institute itself. With a takeoff weight of 210 kg, the device managed to develop a speed of 75 km / h.
The JAI-38 participated in the second edition of the competition for amateur ultralight aircraft developed in Kiev. The 28 of July of 1984 during the aviation festival dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the renowned SV Grizodubova pilot, SI Kanibolovski demonstrated in the JHA-38 a take off and landing from the racecourse school
Engine: Vulcan V-40, a 40-hp
Wingspan: 10.0 m
Wing area: 16,6 m²
Length: 3.6 m
Empty weight: 120 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 220 kg
Maximum speed at sea level: 70 km / h
Landing speed: 40 km / h
Range: 160 km
Take-off run: 30 m
Accommodation: 1
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